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Anti Aging Treatment

 Professional Treatment

The Products and Functional :

Aqua Floral Cleansing Make Up Remover

double action formula: cleanses and removes make-up and impurities from the face giving freshness and radiance.

Phyto Duo Gommage

dual action (enzymatic and mechanical) exfoliating formula. It improves the texture of the skin and helps to maintain a clear, radiant and smooth appearance.

Aqua Fruits Energizing Lotion

revitalizing aqua spray: it tones after cleansing; it refreshes skin at any time of the day; it prepares skin before applying following cosmetics

Vitamin C+E nectar

a beauty serum which encourages the balance of essential vitamins (C,E, pro-vitamin B5). Enhanced with extracts of Artemisia and Rose Hip Fruit, it revives skin natural beauty and energy and boosts skin vitality by counteracting signs of fatigue.

Mineralvit C+E Cream

encourages the balance of minerals and essential vitamins providing excellent nourishment & revitalizes the skin; gives comfort and radiance; leaves the skin soft and silky.It contains emmolient oils which favour massage manoeuvres.

O Mineral Gel Mask

it is characterized by a high degree of crosslinking water by the gelling polymer agent. It promotes a moisturizing action and regulates the physiological water loss of the skin; balance of oxygenation and the essential mineral elements of the skin; fights signs of stress and fatigue.







Anti Aging Treatment


Professional Treatment


The Active Ingredients :


Rose Hip,Hawthorn, Elderflower, Cherry, Kiwi, Red and Black Berries (Raspberry, Bilberry, Blackcurrant)

a powerful antioxidant;  it acts as an illuminating and helps skin tone.It improves capillary circulation, protecting the skin from external aggression.



Cress, Dandelion, Cherry,



nature’s most precious element. Skin needs at least 7% of body’s total consumption of oxygen. The skin is oxygenated from the outside, by the oxygen in the air and from the inside due to the capillaries.


Beech, Red and Black Berries (Raspberry, Bilberry, Blackcurrant)

Inorganic ions present in all living beings in small quantities. They take part in many biochemical and metabolic reaction.



 Skin type :

•   all skin types even most sensitive skin

•   aging skin

•   fatigue, stress skin





Anti Aging Treatment


Professional Treatment


Treatment Sequence :


      Apply few drops of Bioaroma Softening DEC oil to the forearm,

       deltoid and trapezius muscle..

      Apply Aqua Floral Cleansing Make Up Remover on face, neck

       and neckline using a cotton pad. Rinse with cotton pads soaked

       in warm water. Dry the skin with a tissue.

•   With a brush, apply to the whole face and neck area an even

       layer of Phyto Duo Gommage Exfoliation (about 10-15ml) and

       leave on for 4 - 8 minutes, then massage with circular

       movements, concentrating on the thickest areas. Use a tissue to

       remove the majority of the product, rinse thoroughly with warm

       water, taking care to remove any product residue.

•   Staying at the head of the table, spray the product Aqua Fruits

       Energizing Lotion on face, neck and neckline pat lightly until


      If needed, carry out decontraction manoeuvres.


•      Using the special pipette, take the content of 2 full  

       Pipettes of Vitamin C+E Nectar (around 20 drops-2.5ml) and

       massage on face, neck and neckline until completely absorbed.

•   With a brush,apply Mineralvit C+E Cream (about 5ml-8ml) on

       the face,neck and neckline and carry out the massage.

•   With a brush, apply O Mineral Gel Mask (around 20ml) to the

       face and neck,leave for 15 - 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

•   Staying at the head of the table, spray the product Aqua Fruits

       Energizing Lotion on face, neck and neckline pat lightly until



•      Finish the treatment by apply Mineralvit C+E Cream a small

       amount on the face and neck.






Anti Aging Treatment


Professional Treatment


Cosmetic Results :

•   energy and boosts skin vitality

•   enhance skin’s hydration and elasticity

•   reduce signs of fatigue and stress

•   giving the skin a new lease of life for a radiant appearance


 What to avoid :

•   these are cosmetic products for professional use. Consequently,

      it is important to carefully follow the directions reported here.

•   before use, we recommend checking the list of ingredients in

      case of potential intolerances or allergies.

•   After application, ensure the packaging is securely closed and

      store at room temperature in a dry place away from direct sunlight

      and heat sources.

•   Avoid mixing with different substances or products if not advised

      in the specific instructions.

•   Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membrane and broken or

      irritated skin or skin affected by medical conditions.

•   No hazard under normal conditions of use.

•   Not to be ingested

•   Keep out of reach of children.



Anti Aging Treatment


Professional Treatment





 Spray the Energizing Lotion


 Serum Application


 Cream Application


 Mask Application


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